Detailed List of Annual Teacher Activities

Primary Teachers Conference - 12th October, 2017

St Peter's College Junior School

To give you a taste of what is the come, here is something about  Associate Professor Julie Clark and her keynote address:

Teaching Children about Data and Risk - Statistics and probability were not traditionally key areas of the primary mathematics curriculum. Changes in society however, have brought these areas to the forefront of everyday life and as such they deserve special attention within the curriculum. I will explore statistical literacy in the contemporary world and how this translates into teaching.

Associate Professor Julie Clark - Julie has been involved in mathematics education for the past 35 years. She commenced as a high school teacher in South Australia prior to moving to the USA for 14 years. While in the USA Julie completed a Master's Degree in Curriculum & Instruction, taught at a Junior High School and began teaching in mathematics education at  USA University. She commenced work at Flinders University in 2003 and soon after completed her PhD through the University of Colorado. Over the past 14 years, Julie has been a member of the MASA executive and the Mathematics.  Education Research Group of Australasia Executive.

Please consider presenting at or attending The Primary Teachers’ Conference. Any enquiries to Jackie Carletti and Patricia Chigwidden at the Mathematical Association of South Australia - Conference Program will be available in due course.

STEM Conference and Exposition - 1st December, 2017

ASMS - Australian Science and Mathematics School

Past event details below for 2017 -

Annual Conference

Year 12 Teachers' Conference

Held annually to review the Year 12 SACE Mathematics subjects.

Session 1: Mathematical Methods and General/Essential Mathematics.

Session 2: Specialist Mathematics and Mathematical Methods.

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